Daryl English

Kinnelon, NJ
973-492-9009 Fax

NOWA member since 2003

Daryl English is a master corporate storyteller and an accomplished marketing strategist. Her art is helping her clients discover and communicate the essence of what makes them unique in a crowded marketplace. Her science is using those insights to help companies plan and implement coherent, comprehensive communications programs to support defined marketing goals.

Daryl brings a singular synthesis of “field experience” and word wizardry to Cutlass Communications in her roles as principal, primary writer and consultant. Her background includes 15 years as a sales and marketing professional for organizations ranging from small entrepreneurial software development firms to top-tier money center and regional banks, in addition to 12 years as a publicist and writer. She holds a degree in English from Princeton University and earned an MBA degree in finance from New York University with a secondary concentration in information technology.

Drawing on her eclectic experience, Daryl has contributed to the success of a diverse array of clients, ranging from start-up entrepreneurs and sole practitioners, to middle-market and Fortune 500 companies, to not-for-profit foundations.

PR is a Cutlass Communications specialty. Daryl is an “old pro” at handling trade and consumer press relations. She has created and placed dozens of bylined articles helping clients build and reinforce reputations for technical expertise and leadership. Her forte is turning product and service success stories into hard-hitting case histories packed with the practical application details that editors love for their broad reader appeal. Of course, her standard services also include publicizing company and product news, as well as press kits and planning press conferences for industry trade shows.

Technology-driven customers count on Daryl’s special blend of skill, insight and savvy to transform technical subject matter into effective writing. Whether the target audience is experts enthralled by esoteric points of the technology or end-users who care only about practical benefits, she creates communications with impact. And when clients need promotional materials that speak to both audiences, she delivers just the right balance of lingo, fact and persuasion.

For consumer products companies, the Cutlass edge means evocative copy that captivates even when it educates. Whether you’re selling excitement or comfort, adventure or convenience, Daryl knows how to create the high expectations that translate to product sales.

Through alliance partnerships with a network of design and production professionals, Cutlass Communications can handle all phases of your communications projects, including creating and maintaining a dynamic presence on the World Wide Web. Also available for collaboration with in-house or agency professionals, Daryl will integrate seamlessly with your team.