About NOWA

The Network Of Writers & Artists (NOWA) is dedicated to providing the business and communication communities with a network of high quality creative talent. NOWA members are all independent contractors who can work on an as-needed basis.

NOWA Members include writers of various communication specialities, graphic artists, photographers, web designers, multimedia specialists, video producers, proofreaders, all ready to work on your projects, individually or in teams. The diversity of this talent pool delivers many useful benefits:

  • Match the skills of the independent professional exactly with the project demands.
  • Manage your peak workloads with reliable talent. Independent professionals work on a project basis.
  • Pay only for work performed and save on benefits and other “employee” costs.

This network and its directory are free to all who wish to use it to locate creative help. NOWA is not an employment agency. There are no fees or commissions paid to NOWA. Each member is a free agent.

Before any creative communication professional is permitted to join NOWA, credentials are checked and portfolios are reviewed. Each member is an experienced professional who has signed a strict Code of Performance and Ethics as a requirement of membership.

NOWA members have worked for Fortune 500 companies, small businesses, non-profit institutions, publishing houses as well as for the news media